Monday, 9 December 2013

bunting... how to...

i love this bunting so much, i love the little scalloped ric rac edge the gentle curved bottom of the flags, i love that it has some of my favourite fabrics, from some of my favourite places and i love that it brightens up my day every time i look at it.

i love it so much that i want to share the love!

here's my little 'how to' so you can make your very own bunting to love just as much as i do!

a little note...this is how i made my bunting, you can follow the instructions, or just use them as a guide and change it up to suit your own tastes, if you don't have liquid thread and want to sew the bunting, please do, but i'm a novice and found this way much easier (believe me, i tried and failed with the sewing machine!)

aaaaalllll your favourite fabrics
card - or a magazine cover for the lazy like me!
sewing machine
ric rac
liquid thread - available here or here thank you amazon!
tea towel

cut out a pleasing scallop bottomed flag shape from your card remembering to add in a seam allowance, pin to the fabric and use as a guide to cut the shape out of your fabric, two for each flag.

pin the fabric shapes right sides together, sew with a 1/4 inch seam round the sides and bottom, then turn inside out, iron to flatten seams.

at this point i just snipped off all the loose threads from the top, but thinking about it now, maybe a line of zig zag stitch at the top would be a nice idea to hold it together before snipping off the loose threads.

if the bunting is for a specific place, measure in a straight line between the two hanging points, the drape will take care of spacing it out nicely, mark the length on your ribbon with two pins, leave at least 6 inches at either end to secure the bunting when you put it up. 

lay out your little flags on your ironing board in the order you want them to be, spacing them evenly between the two pins on your ribbon, i left a 1/2 inch between the first and last flags and the marker pins, this will be the front of the bunting.

apply a thin line of the liquid thread right at the top of each flag, leave for 10 minutes as per the instructions, then carefully, using a tea towel to protect the fabric, iron, and glue from each other, press the ribbon over the glue for 30 seconds until they are nice and secure.

flip over the bunting, apply a line of glue all the way from the start of the first flag, along the top of each flag and the ribbon in between to the end of the last flag. when the glue is ready, and again using a tea towel, press the ric rac on the the back of the bunting for 30 seconds, make sure that those little ric rac bumps overlap the top edge of your bunting.

all secure?  well then now you're ready to pretty up your home, caravan, office... wherever you want, just go hang your bunting and love the heck out of it!

if you have any questions, please ask... i wish i had some more in between shots, but trying to take photos, cook breakfast for three hungry men and use a ironing board with a whimsical approach to staying upright all at the same time was a wee bit tricky *sigh* (but totally worth it!)


so far my advent season has not been going quite as i hoped, i seem to have been super busy not doing much at all, i don't even have my tree fully decorated, it's looking a little forlorn with only 8 baubles hung on one side and seemingly broken lights, #shareadvent has also been a little hit and miss for me, but mooching around blogland tonight has got me inspired again, to make more time, put in a little effort, finish my tree and get cracking on the advent prompts and maybe i'll find that a little festive spirit has worked it's way in to my life.

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  1. The bunting is adorable. Thank you for sharing how you made it. I am sure you'll get into the festive spirit soon, don't worry, it's still a couple of weeks until the big day. :)


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