Sunday, 1 December 2013

happy december!

not the most festive of pictures, but pretty darn beautiful though... this was view from my parents house yesterday afternoon, it literally took my breath away when i looked up and saw the glorious colours of those burnt and bruised clouds, so this is the picture i chose to share today to mark the start of advent.  a sight that brought me joy.

i've been reading a lot in blogland lately about other people's advent traditions, about what it means to them, how they choose to remember it and how they make the most of it.  until now the idea of advent has mostly meant chocolate to me, i have hazy recollections of advent church services being more colourful/special/...something when i was younger, but yeah, mostly chocolate.

this year though i'm hoping to take inspiration from what i've read and i'm going to try to make the most of each day leading up to the 25th.  i love the idea of an activity advent calendar and when i saw this one on thursday night, it just seemed right.  i might not be able to join in every day, post every thing i do, or even do things on the correct day, but i think the little prompts will help me make the most of my favourite season, and soak up all the magic and sparkle of advent.  hop on over to Anna's blog to find out about the calendar if you want to join in with #shareadvent too, or check out what everyone is doing on twitter and instagram.


this weekend has been a lovely start to the festive period for me already, i spent friday in Harrogate with my mum at the country living christmas fair (ribbon and washi tape were the main purchases of the day) with a break for afternoon tea at Betty's and the rest of the weekend spent catching up with family at home in Yorkshire.

wishing you a happy december, and a magical advent, however you choose to spend them.


  1. A happy Advent to you as well!!!! That sky is gorgeous friend! My goodness!!! And I think creating your own special Advent to make sweet memories is what it is all about! A happy week to you!!

  2. I think that sounds a great way to celebrate Advent, Catey. I look forward to seeing what you do. :)


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